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Why Married Person Should Hire The Escort Service In Guntur: Know The Reasons

If you think that only an unmarried person hires call girls, then you are totally wrong. It has been found that some married people also hire call girls. But, Are they wrong by doing this? If you think so, then, let me clear you that they are doing nothing wrong especially when they had an arranged marriage. I have some friends in Guntur who are in the marriage relationship. But even then, they hire girls for sex from some best escort agencies in Guntur. After the convo with some of them, I came to know why they hire escort girls. And now, I think they are right from some point of view.

Reasons Why Married People Hire Call Girls

Life Partner May Not Be That Much Interested In Intercourse

We see lots of arranged marriages in India. But, in an arranged marriage, neither girls and nor boys have the freedom to keep their point of view on sex. Now imagine that you love doing copulation too much, but your partner is not. In such a case, your life may become nothing more than a hell. And, it is one of the common reasons today to have fought and even divorce between couples. However, some married people do force sex with their life partners, and that is very similar to rape. But, all people can’t be the same. All can’t force their wives to have sex.

Actually, respect is the most important thing for a strong relationship between a couple. If a husband does sex forcefully with his wife even when the wife is not ready for, then he is just losing his respect in her eyes. And, she can easily judge how her husband sees women.

One of my friends Divya always warns her younger sister not to talk too much to her husband. When I asked the reason, she sold me that he is just a dog hungry for copulation. Therefore, she can’t trust that her sister may ever be safe with him. She told me that her sister is a sexy college girl, and the kind of person that her husband is, he may even rape her sister.

Now, you may have got my point of what I want to say.

It is not wrong to have a sex addiction, but being a married person you should also care that how comfortable your life partner is with you when having intercourse. Therefore, those who love doing sex too much, but also, don’t want to force their wives, hire sexy girls to satisfy their lust.

Life Partner May Not Have The Good Body Figure

It is the case that happens with most of the housewives in India. There is a high probability that a mature housewife belonging to a smaller family may gain weight too much. They don’t have that much work to do at home, and that may be the reason why they get such physique. Also, it’s not moral to compel them to do exercise to make the body fit.

It generally happens with housewives, but it may also happen with working women.

Now, tell me that do you ever want to have sex with a girl who does not look good?

I don’t think so, then how can you expect those husbands to have sex only with their such wives who don’t have a good physique anymore !. Obviously, you should not.

That’s the reason they hire model girls, Independent girls, and other types of good looking girls to enjoy the sex in bed.

If it’s a mistake for you still, then, it’s the mistake from the side of those wives who don’t take care of their body physique, after getting married.

Wife May Be Suffering From Some Disease, And The Doctor May have Prohibited The Sex

Ambujam is one of my best friends. He is from Guntur and a regular client of one of the top escorts services providers in Guntur. He is married, however, and his wife looks very beautiful and sexy, and he loves his wife too much. But, even then, he hires call girls.

Actually, his wife is suffering from heart disease, and the doctor has advised him to avoid doing sex with her as much as possible. But, Ambujam needs sex at least once every week, and if he does not get it, he feels mentally disturbed, and physically not fit. Therefore, he started hiring independent girls and Indian bhabhi to feel up the gap left in his life. He knows his responsibility towards his wife very well, and therefore, he takes all precautions whenever having sex with any escort.

If he has high sexual desires, then what’s wrong with it? Neither he is raping someone, and nor he is hurting his wife medically. Why should he kill his desires!. I don’t see any reasons.

There may Be The Long Distance Relationship Between Husband And Wife

One of my friends, Mahesh, works in Mumbai, and his wife is in a village. He earns a good income, however, but not that enough to keep the family with him. So, he is away from his family and sends some money every month to his wife. He feels his days incomplete without having the sex. After marriage, when he gets back to Mumbai, he tried his best to control this desire, but it harassed him mentally, and he lost his job.

He tried doing it for the second time but failed again. After that, he decided to hire hot Indian bhabhi or Russian girls every week off so as to keep himself mentally fit so that he may concentrate on his job. Now, he is the regular customer of one of the famous Guntur escort agencies. I have tried them by myself. They are really one of the best escort service providers in Guntur and have so many hot and sexy escorts. Also, their rates are very affordable.

Now, you may have understood why those husbands who hire escorts may not be wrong all the time. The same case applies to wives too, and therefore, we can’t blame their character even if they hire Gigolo. After all, we live in an era of gender equality.

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