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Career As an Escort In Krishna Nagar, Good Or Bad? : The Complete Observation

Most people think that working as a sex worker or as escort girls or boys is something to be shame about. So, here in this blog, I’m gonna keep some points to you to let you decide whether it is good or bad. I personally know some escorts in Krishna Nagar, and they have shared with me how they came to this field, and what good or bad they face here. I am sharing some cases with you, and after that, you may have your decision.

But, before proceeding further, you should know these two proverbs:-

“You can blame the taste of orange until you have not tasted that”.
“You can say all grapes sour if the one is sour”.

Here I am sharing short stories of my three escort friends. I had some good times in bed with them. They are- Priya, Dipika, and Sakshi.

Priya As An Escort

She is a 38 years old sexy girl still waiting for her marriage. She is very average in beauty, and also very unlucky in terms of marriage. Whenever she found herself close to her marriage, some incident happened, and she could not. Sometimes, the marriage got canceled because her family was unable to fulfill the dowry desires. And, the other time it happened because the boys were addicted to things like Alcohol or Gambling.

Being poor does not mean she should marry a person she may not be comfortable with. You should know that when a living being gets younger, some hormonal changes take place into the body. These changes start increasing sexual desires with time. There is nothing wrong with it because it’s the biological process. Some living beings can control this sexual desire, and some can’t. But, if you can bear the pain, and your friend can’t, then, also, you can never judge him wrong. His body efficiency may not be as that of yours. After hundreds of unsuccessful weddings, and controlling her lust, a time came when she lost her patience. And, therefore, she decided to work as an escort. Now, she is very happy with her sex life. She is one of the top call girls in Krishna Nagar.

If you can’t find a perfect marriageable match for an individual, then, you don’t deserve the right also to judge whether he/she should enjoy the sex or not. Those who call Priya bad are mostly those who either have satisfied dick or cunt, or they have the hormonal imbalance and don’t have sexual desires. Just stop fucking your spouse for a few months to see how long you can do it. I bet most of you can hardly control yourself for a month or even less.

Dipika As An Escort

Dipika is a young lady studying in an engineering college. Her dream is to be an engineer in the future. But, she belongs to a poor background, and also, she is not so brilliant enough to get the scholarship. But, does it mean that if someone is poor and so so brilliant, then, he/she does not have the right to fulfill the dreams. I don’t think so. If you think so, then, you mean to say only either the rich people or the intelligent people have the right to education. Does a student getting 50% or 60% in exams, have not the right to education?

Well, are you the human if you say no. If you are, then it's the mistake of god. Well. coming back to the story, she did try getting a part-time job, but wherever she got, the salary may not be enough to pay the fee, and therefore, she was forced to choose the escort service as a career. Well, can you please tell me the job name that can pay you enough salary that you may pay to a good private engineering college. I don’t think so. At that stage, you can hardly get the salary to pay the PG rent, and to buy books.

Now, think of the situation, and then judge whether she’s right or wrong with choosing the escort as her profession.

Sakshi As An Escort

Sakshi is a mature housewife. She is not so educated. Her husband was a teacher in a private school, but unfortunately, he got affected by paralysis. Sakshi has three children. Eder one is 7 years old. None of the relatives helped Sakshi Financially, and no one from the so-called reputed society helped her as well. She worked as a tailor for a year, but she realized that whatever she was earning, was getting invested in the daily needs of her family. She realized that with her earning, she can neither provide better treatment to her husband and nor she can provide a better future to her children.

A few years back, one of the agents from the best escort agencies in Krishna Nagar offered her a salary of around 30K Per month for working as an escort. That time, Sakshi was in heavy need of money, and therefore, she could not reject the offer. Working from the last 3 years as an escort, now she is one of the top class Indian bhabhi. She is damn beautiful that no matter how many girls for sex you may have, but you will only choose her for your nights in your bed.


Therefore, the final conclusion is that you just can’t judge anyone by his/her profession, unless you don’t know the reality behind it. Why can't we take it as a normal profession just like most other ones are? Call girls also have the right to live a reputed and financially stable life. And, if we can’t help them with it, and who the hell are we to raise a question mark on their character. It only shows the fucking mentality of our society.

In most of the foreign nations being an escort girl is a reputed job, then, why can't it be in India.

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