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Know Some Secrets Of Srikakulam Escorts

Whenever we hear of call girls, most of us get shy and may hesitate to talk about it. It is so because we have some big misconceptions about it. Last week when I was on a flight from Delhi to Andhra Pradesh, I met a call girl there who was sitting next to my seat. Her name is Arushi, and she is an escort in Srikakulam. I am a very frank guy, and therefore, I asked her very clearly that if she feels guilty to be in such a dirty profession. What she replied, impressed me very well, and made me think how so fool I was yet. She was not ashamed at all, being a call girl in Srikakulam. In fact, she was proudly saying to me that she is one of the highly demanded call girls in Sriakulamk. We had talked on some other topics as well, and that talk made me stunned that how so wrong my thought was against those escort girls. Here, I am sharing some facts that she told me about the escort service in Srikakulam.

Amazing Facts About Escorts

“Call Girls Are Only For Sex”. It is just a misconception.

The most common misconception about the call girls is that they are only for doing sex. But, you should know that the escort service is not just about having sexual pleasure. It is about making you feel stress-free anyhow. She told me that she deals with so many clients who pay her a good amount, but they never do the sex with her. What they only do is to spend some time with her, and take her to parties. Some of them play games with her. She told me it is not that they can’t do the sex, but, actually, they feel themselves alone, and their lives are full of stress. So, they just want some peaceful time with someone. For them, sex is not the way to be relaxed, and so they don’t prefer doing sex for entertainment.

Hiring The Escorts Cost Too Much

It is also the misconception that best escort agencies in Srikakulam or wheresoever charges too much for providing their services. Actually, how much you will have to pay, depends on how the girl is. If you choose an actress or Air hostesses to have some fun with you, then, you should be ready to pay a heavy amount. If you choose local girls, college girls, housewives, or Indian Bhabhi, they may charge you comparatively less amount. They can even provide you the service for free, but it’s not that free, actually, they use you as one of their employees. If you keep a deep eye in this arena, you may find that there are many women seeking men available in your area. Such young girls and ladies belong to some rich families, so they don’t need your money. What they only want from you, is to have some romance in the bed. In fact, those ladies can pay you a good amount for having sex. So, if you want the free service from an escort agency, you will just need to ask them that you want to work with them as a gigolo. You should know that, with every free service, there may be some demerits. This free service has also some.

When you pay, you may choose the girl of your choice, you may do the fun the way you want, and you may fuck her for whatever times you want. But, when you use the free service, you will have the follow the rules of your sex partner.

Above all, it is very important to find the best Srikakulam escort agencies.

Escort Agencies Are Carrier Of AIDS.

It is one of the shameful myth that escort service providers and the call girls are responsible for AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases. You will need to understand that if you do sex with any girl who is suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids, you will surely be affected. If it’s even your wife, you may have the Aids if she is affected. So, how can you blame those call girls and those escort agencies for this? It is your responsibility to take the required precautions before during intercourse so as to protect yourself from any possible STD.

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