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Do you want to have a Girl for sex in your bed, but you don’t have any girlfriend or wife?

There may be some reasons why you may not have any girlfriend. But, it is not that you may not have the feeling of having a girlfriend if you don’t have any. And, I am going to tell you the alternative.

Hello guys, I’m Shiva Rao from Vijayawada, and here I am to share my personal experience with you that how did I get the first experience of having sex with Girlfriend.
It just passed a few days ago when I got such an amazing experience.

Let me tell you that I am not a good looking guy at all. The night I have a good physique, and nor do I belong to a rich family background. But, being a human, whenever I used to see that all my friends have girlfriends, and even some of them have 2, 3,4 and even more, it used to hurt me a lot because I did not have even a single one. I fell in love six times in life and proposed the best way possible, but every time I got the rejection with a statement that I am not handsome. Even the girls having the gutter like face did never show any interest in talking to me. My friends used to enjoy sex with Gf, but I had the only option to rub my dick in the washroom.
But, my fortune changed, and I got a girlfriend.

How Did I Get A Girlfriend: A Sexy Young Lady In My Bed

Let me tell you something about me that I always get affectioned by the sexy figure of mature housewives. But, I was well familiar with the fact that I may get such a lady to have sex. But, I was wrong, and one of my Facebook friends who also belongs to Vijayawada made me realize the same. He shared some facts with me that make me, and I realized my mistakes after that. He also shared some secrets that I was totally unfamiliar with.
Well, his name is Eeshwar Rao.

First, he told me whatever I see the girlfriend-boyfriend relation 99% of them are almost fake. Therefore, A handsome and/or rich guy always dates a sexy girl only. The boyfriend wants only sexual pleasure from their girlfriend, and in return the girlfriend wants the boyfriend to fulfill her luxurious desires. I told him that I know this already.

Then, he asked me to compare it with the escort service, and from then, my way of thinking changed. I realized that such fake love relations are just unnamed prostitution, and those girls are not more than call girls. The only difference is that those real call girls accept their profession publically online or offline, but those so-called girlfriends never do the same. But, now I had the other question: how can I hire a call girl because I can never pay those big amounts. Then what he shared with me, amazed me totally.

How To Enjoy The Escort service For Free

He told me that I don’t need the money always for having sex, and in fact, I can earn money rather than paying someone. It surprised me for a while, and I asked him why a girl will pay me to have some sex with her. He told me that there are so many women seeking men for sex. They all have some reasons why they want it. And, in fact, all of them are highly rich. He told me about Sunita, a beautiful Indian bhabhi who lost her husband just three years after their marriage.

Now, she has a six years old child. Being a young woman she has very high sexual desires. She is an HR manager in a reputed company and earns around 1 lakh per month. She can easily marry a guy, but she is afraid that whether the guy will take care of her son or not, and therefore, she decided to never ever think of the second marriage. But, Life without sex started making her mentally disturbed, and she realized if it continues, the condition may get worse. Therefore she contacted one of the best escort agencies in Vijayawada and started hiring male escorts for sexual satisfaction. She pays a handsome amount for having sex with her.

After telling the story, he provided me the contact number of Sunita and some college girls. He also shared the details of some of the best Vijayawada escort agencies that help in earning good money along with having sexual fun.

My visit To One of The Escort Agencies In Vijayawada

As per the suggestion of Eeshwar, I visited an agency and showed them my interested to work for them in need of some money. They took me to a medical check-up, where I was found physically fit, and healthy. After that, they ask me to feel a form with some of my details. Once I did that, they sent me back to the home and assured me that I will start getting the women clients after 3 days onward. They informed me that the client will make the payment to the agency before I will visit her. And, the agency will pay me either on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis depending upon my choice.

After three days, I started getting calls from ladies. Now, I am earning a good income with this profession. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to have sex with such beautiful angles that a guy can never dream of. Now, I enjoy my nights with College Girls or all other types of women. Now, I don’t think much about having a girlfriend for sex. Also, I don’t think of wasting any money on hiring call girls, and neither I think of financial issues.

Joining this best Vijayawada escort service provider agency, changed my life from hell to heaven.

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