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How Did I Make My Visakhapatnam Trip Memorable With A Young Lady Escorts

Last week, I visited Visakhapatnam with some of my cliques. However, I have been here many times. But, this time, I saw a totally different Visakhapatnam. A Young lady named Anjali made me see this place this way. For the first time, she made me realized how a person feels when having a beautiful girl for sex. Earlier, for me, watching movies, chatting on social media, eating delicious food, and visiting tourist destinations, was the only form of entertainment. But, after having some time with Anjali, I came to know what real satisfaction is, and what real fun is.

Here, I am telling you the incident that happened with me there, how I met Anjali, and how we enjoyed our time together.

How I Met Anjali

It was the time when I and my cliques were enjoying the delicious meal in Mcdonald. On the table next to ours, Anjali was sitting there with a kid. They were eating the burger. My cliques made the plan to visit a bear bar next, but I was not interested in it. Therefore, I asked them to leave and assured them that I will get back to my hotel room. I don’t know why I realized there that I should stay there for some more time, and I did the same.

Just a few minutes after they left, an incident happened with me. The kid who was with Anjali threw a ball at a Chandelier. The chandelier light stopped working after that. Seeing this, one of the staff (Probably he was the manager) started scolding the child, and in the sequence, he abused him saying “Randi Ka Bacha”. I was really very shocked after hearing this. How can a person abuse a child this way !. It was totally unbearable.

Anjali was requesting forgiveness saying that she was unable to pay for the loss. But, the manager was behaving in an inhuman way. Seeing this I went to the manager first, paid him the compensation first, and then slapped him 2 to 3 times for behaving in such a bad manner with a child, and with a woman. The senior manager arrived there then and said sorry for the misbehave of that junior manager.

What Happened Next

After that, I left from there, since the McDonald's was very close to my hotel where I was staying, therefore I started walking towards the hotel on foot. When proceeding towards the hotel, after a while, I realized someone was following me. When I looked back, I found Anjali and that kid there. I asked them the reason, and she thanked me for what I did in McDonald's. It was 10 at night. After the introduction, we both were talking, and then suddenly the kid went unconscious and fell down. I carried the child to my hotel room and paid the charge of two extra members the child and Anjali.

Let me tell you that the child's name is Rohan. I came to know that Rohan is facing a serious disease, and Anjali has lost her husband a few years back. She told me that the cost of treatment is too high, and therefore, she chose to join one of the escort agencies in Visakhapatnam so as to earn the required money, and now she is one of the best call girls in Visakhapatnam. I offered her that I may help her in paying the treatment cost if she will leave this profession right then. Then she asked me how she will get the cost of living then because it’s the only thing that she can do better. We had the talk on some other topics as well.

Actually, I did start liking her, and therefore when she asked about the cost of living if she leaves prostitution, I immediately proposed her for the marriage. Earlier she was offering me to have sex with her as payback, but I was refusing the same. But, after my proposal, I could not resist the offer.

First Sex With Anjali

After my proposal, she insisted me to have sex with her as her wife, and I could not resist it. I took her to my bed. She was in tight jeans and a white top. It was the first time I paid attention to her hips. That was really very big and was looking very sexy. I removed the jeans first and then started grabbing her ass. Then, I removed her top and inner clothes. As soon I saw her big boobs I could not resist myself by pressing them. I started pressing and sucking her boobs. I was kissing her on her lips, sucking her boobs, and pressing her ass.

Those soft feminine touches were giving me magical satisfaction and fun. My dick started getting harder, and I was getting out of my control to have sex. I removed my lower, set my dick on the vagina, and gave three gentle push into her vagina. One of my hands was pressing her boobs, and the other was grabbing her ass. My lips were kissing her lips, and my dick was fucking her vagina. Her ahhh ahhh ohhh ohhh sexual moans were making me more excited, and I could hear the chap-chap sound very clearly every time when my dick was going deeper into her vagina and was coming out. It was the first time when I came to know how It feels like when fucking a mature housewife. I enjoyed that night like never before.


Actually, I forgot to tell you that my friends did not get back to the hotel that night because they were in the bar, and they had informed me the same.

What Happened The Next Morning

Well, coming back to the story. The next morning, Rohan was feeling well. I dropped Rohan at home, and then, I took Anjali to the nearest temple and got married to her. I canceled my returning ticket also that was with my cliques. My cliques left Visakhapatnam without me.

Anjali visited the Visakhapatnam escort agency she was working with, to inform them about her wedding. All the escort girls were very happy about hearing that. Later, I got back home with my wife Anjali, and the son Rohan.

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