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Doggy Style Vs Leap Frog: Which Sex Position Suits The Best With Dibang Valley Call Girls

There are so many sex positions that you may try with your sex partner. All they are really very funny to do and give you real satisfaction for sure. You may choose what type of sex you want to do with sexy girls, depending on what your body and your mood want. But, sometimes, it may be difficult for you what sex positions you should prefer. You can try all when doing sex with your wife or with a girlfriend or boyfriend. You can also try multiple sex positions if you have hired the call girl for the whole night, or for more than one shot.

But if you have for just one shot, then, you will have to be enough selective in order to choose the best sex position. The situation becomes even more confusing if you have to prefer one sex position more over the other while both of those positions may look almost the same. I have been with this situation sometimes, and my recent incident was with the Dibang Valley escorts where I was confused about whether to choose the Doggy style or to choose the LeapFrog style. They both look almost the same, and therefore, I am comparing both of them.

I will tell you what are the positives and negatives of both of these methods of sex. After that, you may easily decide which one to choose, and which one not.

Let’s see,

Doggy Style

In this sex position, the female partner crouches on her hands and knees. She looks like a female dog at that time, and this is why this sex position is called the doggy style sex. The male partner stands behind her on his knees, and fuck her from behind.


  • Deep penetration without much effort.
  • Some people may not prefer to look into the eyes of their sex partners when fucking them. If you are among those, then, this sex position is for you.
  • You can control the sex rhythm, and therefore, you will have the maximum sex time to enjoy with your sexy young lady
  • Some people may enjoy seeing how the penis goes into the vagina, or how the dick fucks the cunt. If you are one such, then, you will love this position. Just try this position in front of the mirror. You will find yourself clearly able to see the full fucking.
  • If the male partner is too fat, and the female partner is thin, then also, this sex position is highly preferred.
  • It tests your stamina, and therefore, most people like it for this reason.
  • Disadvantages

    • The position of young women with whom you may be doing the intercourse may make her feel trouble to maintain the position for long. Therefore, you can’t sure that for how long she can hold herself in that position
    • This sex position puts immense pressure on your knees, and on your partner’s knees as well. Therefore, both of you may feel the knee pain latter if stay in this position for a long time and if your knees are not strong enough.
    • The escort or the call girl or the female partner with whom you may be making the sex may feel the pain in her wrist.

LeapFrog Style

In This Sex Position, the female partner takes the position almost the same as that of the doggy style, but the only difference is that she doesn’t need to stand on her hands, and she may tough her boobs on the bed, so as to make her a bit more comfortable than that of the Doggy style.


  • It is more comfortable than that of the doggy style and gives almost the same pleasure as you may get with the doggy style of sex.
  • You can enjoy the deep penetration into her vagina.
  • In doggy style, you can’t put your load at all on the body the girl for sex, but, in this sex position, you can do it somehow.
  • The female partner may stay in that position for a longer time, and therefore, you get the long enough time to enjoy the intercourse in that same position.


  • If she continues in that position for a long time, she may have the waist pain later.
  • It may put some pressure on the abdomen, and on the breast of the sexy girl, and if it happens too much, she may feel the pain.
  • The girl may feel a bit comfortable in this position, however, but for male, it is not so, because he still has to stand on his knees so as to do the intercourse. It may put immense pressure on his knees, and if he continues the sex for a long time in that same position, he may suffer from knee pain.
  • It is definitely not that much adventurous as that of the doggy style.

Whatever out of these two sex positions, you try with your the girl you may be fucking, It is guaranteed to get the immense pleasure, and will make you feel like you are in the seventh heaven. But, here the question is which one of these two sex positions is best. I have already mentioned the positives and negatives of both these two sex positions. So, it may be easier for you now to choose the best one.

But I personally think that the leapfrog style of sex may be far better than that of the doggy style. In the Leapfrog method, both the partner feels comparatively more comforts in comparison to that of doing the sex in the doggy style.

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