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Enjoy These Sex Positions With Itanagar Call Girls

Sexy Itanagar call girls are extremely beautiful, and it’s a great pleasure to have erotic fun with them on the bed. Undoubtedly, fucking the soft elastic vagina give immense pleasure to your dick. But, if you want to take this joy to the next level, you must try these sex positions with these beautiful Indian call girls. Enjoy fucking in these styles along with pressing soft big boobs, and grabbing the big round ass. The normal and traditional sex position that we commonly know may also give sexual satisfaction. But, you may be getting bored of that monotonous style. You maybe want something new to try with your sex partner. Therefore, these amazing sex positions may give you the new pleasure of intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Sex Positions You Must Try In Bed

Fucking a sexy girl in this style gives such an immense pleasure that howsoever tired you may be, you will feel a new energy in your self. This position may appear like the male is fucking the ass hole of the female. But, it is not so.

The male partner fucks the female partner from behind in this style. But before getting into it, they both take a comfortable position so that none of them may face harm during the copulation. In this position, the female partner lies from the side of her stomach. After that, the male partner adjusts her vagina’s elevation in such a way that his dick may comfortably penetrate it from behind. To give such elevation to her vagina, the male partner may put the pillow below her waist. When inserting the dick from behind, the male partner should also take care not to insert the whole penis into her vagina in one go. Rather than this, he should do it in 3 to 4 attempts.

Once he succeeds in inserting the penis, then, he should start fucking her, but at a slow pace. With the time he may increase the speed of fucking, however. Also, he should take care not to put his body weight on the body of the girl until he feels tired enough. The male puts all his thigh’s weight in pressing the ass of female. This pressure also helps his dick in doing the deep penetration into her vagina. This position can give the real pleasure only if the male attempts it with a curvy girl having the big round ass. There are some highly trustworthy Itanagar escort service providers that may help you in finding such girls so that your dick may enjoy this position better.

Spoon Intercourse Method

When you have the hot girl for sex on your bed, and she has the big round ass, you should never miss out on the chance of fucking her in this position. After trying this once, you will come to know what the real pleasure of intimacy may be.

In this position, the female partner lies on the bed in a sideward position first. After that, the man lies behind her in such a position that the back of the female should face the front portion of the man. After that, the female bends her knee and pushes her ass towards the male. She does so so as to make it easier for the dick to do the fucking without any trouble.

When making the intercourse in this position, the man partner should grab her boobs with one hand. He should rub her pubic hair softly with her other hand. And, he should kiss her neck and the shoulder from behind. These activities keep her warm for the copulation when you will be fucking her. And if she moans loudly during intercourse, the man gets the next level of satisfaction. This satisfaction can never be matched with anything. When fucking the girl in this position, the thighs of the man presses the soft round ass of the female.

Fucking a big ass young lady in this position can make the nights of the man. Again, the curvy body girl may be highly suitable for this style of sex. Some call girl providers in Itanagar may help you in finding the perfect girl for the position. Whether you may need the local girls for sex on your bed, or you need the high profile girls in your bed, these trustworthy companies have varieties of options to choose from.

Face-Off Sex

It is one of the sex position in which the female partner dominates over the male partner during the sex. The male sits on a chair, or at a bed, in the chair position. And then, the female partner sits on him in such a way that her front body faces the front of the male. Also, her vagina should be touching the dick of the man.

The male sex partner should grab the soft ass of the female, with his hands. And, he should also kiss her boobs, and suck her nipples with his lips. When both the sex partners feel warm enough to have the fucking, the female partner should rise a little above so that the male partner may adjust his penis at the door of the vagina. Once done, the female should sit straight down. She may feel a slight pain if doing it for the first time. If so, then also nothing to worry about. She should sit on his penis slowly.

After inserting the penis into the vagina, the male should keep grabbing her ass, and sucking her lips. And, the female should start the soft jumping up and down. During the sex, the female should take care that not to jump to fast as it may hurt her male partner very badly. You should hire the best call girl from the best Itanagar escort agencies so that you may have a better feeling of this type of sex.

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