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Sex With Cachar Escorts: Some High-Risk Sex Positions

It’s not just about sex with Cachar escorts, but it’s about all the time whenever you do the sex. You know that there are millions of sex positions that we can try with our sex partners nowadays. In fact, no one can try all those sex positions ever. Therefore, most of the sex lovers have some favorite sex positions that they love to apply during sex. Obviously, if you have the hot sexy girl for sex on your bed, you may surely want to fuck her in different positions, and from different angles. But, you should know that there are some sex positions that you must not try ever without the expert’s advice. These sex positions may sometimes be so much dangerous that you may suffer from serious medical issues sooner or later. Also, these sex positions are not that much comfortable, but some adventure lovers have developed these sex positions so as to taste the adventure as well during the sex.

What Sex Positions You Should Try To Avoid With Call Girls In Cachar Or Even With Any Call Girls

Let’s see,

Girls On Top

According to various medical researches, It is that top risked sex positon. This sex position may make the male partner suffered from the penile fracture. Also, since in this sex position, the female partner puts immense pressure on the testicles on the male. Therefore, the male partner may feel heavy pain sometimes. Also sometimes, It may lead to some medical problems affecting your testicles. Though this position does not make the female partner face the trouble that much, it is not that she may not face the problem at all. Due to deep penetration into the vagina in the position, she may face huge vaginal pain sometimes.

Therefore, if you are having the copulation with the Cachar call girls, or even with any girl, it is not recommended to try this sex position if your testicles have some kind of medical issues. Aso, the female partner should take care that she should let her vagina jumping slowly on the dick of her male partner.

If you love this sex position and want to try it once, it is good for you to take the proper guidance from any sex expert. There are many sex positions that you may try. So, it is good to avoid this sex position unless you don’t know properly how to do it, and unless you are not physically fit enough to try it.

Doggy Style

‘It is the second most dangerous sex position. It does not look that much trouble-causing, because, the steps that both the sex partners take during the process, are very simple. But, the wonder is that some medical experts have claimed that this sex position is the most dangerous one than that of other sex positions. So, if you have the hot Indian Bhabhi or any sexy girl to fuck, and you are looking to fuck her in this style, you should first know the poor effects that you and your partner may face sooner or later.

Some Disadvantages Of Doggy Style Sex, May Be:-

  • The Female Partner may face the vaginal bruising, and even sometimes say me face the vaginal tearing.
  • It is also possible that the penis of the male partner may slip into the anus of the girl, and that may lead take the girl to face the anal problem.
  • Also, the male partner may face trouble like a penile fracture.

Butter Churner

It is considered as the third most dangerous sex position. In fact, it is so much dangerous that you never any sex expert may advise you to try it ever with any ..young lady or sexy girl. It is so much dangerous that neither the male partner and nor the female partner feels comfortable during the sex. Most of the other sex positions may cause the harms to intimate parts of the body of both the genders, but, It is one of such sex positions that affect other body parts as well equally. This sex position is so much dangerous that it may sometimes lead to death even. In this sex position, the female partner lies on the bed, on her back, and the male partner raises the body of the girl up in such a way that her head, her neck, her shoulders, and both of her hands should be laying horizontal to the bed. Also, the girl should fold her legs from her ankles in such a way that her ass may appear as the sexy sit, and her legs should be work as the support for the male partner. Once the female partner has taken the position, the male partner should sit on the ass of the female partner in such a way that it may be easy for his dick to fuck her vagina.

Some harmful effects of this sex position are:-

  • The female partner may face extreme pain in her neck, shoulders, and in her waist.
  • If she has the respiratory-related disease, she may get more trouble during this sex position.
  • It may also affect some nerves of her neck badly, and it may make her suffering lifetime pain.
  • It also put the pressure on the heart, and on her abdomen of the female partner, and that may harm her for sure.
  • The male partner may not face that much trouble in this position, however, he may face the penile fracture a bit.

There are many other risky sex positons also, but these three are the most common ones. If you are looking for a good Cachar escort agency to get a girl for sex, and looking to try some new sex styles with her, then, make sure to get a complete knowledge before you proceed further.

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