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Three Most Comfortable Sex Positions To Try With Dhubri Escorts

If you really want to enjoy sex with Dhubri Escorts, or even with any other girl, you don’t need to try risky sex positions to get the pleasure. In fact, there are some really very comfortable sex positions that you may try with Dhubri call girls, and I am damn sure that these sex positions are easy to apply, and neither the male partner and nor the female partner gets hurt with these sex positions in any manner. Therefore, here I am to tell you about some amazing sex positions that are not only comfortable but also full of immense pleasure that you may have never imagined. If you don’t want to take the physical risk during sex, then, you can try these sex positions, and it is damn sure that you will get the complete sexual satisfaction after having sex with call girls in Dhubri.

Ok, let’s have a look

The Rabbit

It is one of the most comfortable sex positions that you may try with escorts in Dhubri. It will full of never-ending pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Therefore, don’t miss out on the chance to try it if you are in Dhubri. Contact the best escort agencies in Dhubri, and give it a try. Follow these simple steps to enjoy this sex position very effectively.

  • First of all, both the partner i.e… the male partner and the female partner should be naked.
  • After that, the male partner sits on his sole by his leg from the knee.
  • Once he set himself into the position, the sexy girl with whom he is about to do the sex sits on his thigh in the same position as that of the male.
  • After that, the male starts doing the foreplay activities such as grabbing the boobs of the female partner, kissing her on the neck, and rubbing her pubic. Also, touching her soft hips with the thighs of the male partner, make both the partner equally excited and warmed enough for the sex.
  • When the male partner gets himself ready to fuck the young lady, he should ask the lady to adjust her vagina on his penis in the same sitting position in which she is in right now.
  • Once the penis of the male partner recieve the vagina of the female, the male partner should put his palms below her hips. Then, the female partner should start jumping up and down slowly and softly.

Belly Flop

It is also one of the best and the most comfortable sex position to try with hot Indian bhabhi, and in fact, with any hot Dhubri girls for sex. Steps that both the partners must follow to get into this sex position are

  • Once both the partner gets naked fully, the female partner should lie on the bed on her stomach.
  • After that, the male partner should adjust a pillow below the pubic of the female partner so as to get the required elevation to her vagina to make it easy for his penis to do the penetration into her vagina.
  • Once the female partner gets the position to take the dick on the male partner, the male partner should lie on the female partner, on his stomach.
  • The position of the female partner should be such that his dick should be at the door of the vagina of the female partner so that he may start fucking her anytime.
  • Once the male partner too, has taken the required position, he should start playing the foreplay. This play enhances the excitement of the sex in the female partner. It makes her warm and excited enough to take the dick of the male partner.
  • When the female vagina is ready to recieve the male penis, the partner should start doing the intercourse without being late.

Frontal Cuddle

It is also one of the most convenient ways of doing sex with a hot and sexy girl. But, some people like this sex position and some do not at all. Well, there are three variations of this sex position, and they are:-

  • Standing Cuddle Sex
  • Sitting Cuddle Sex
  • Sleeping Cuddle Sex

Out of these three sex positions, the best one as per views of the majority is the Sleeping cuddle position. Standing cuddle position, can make both the partner quickly tired, and therefore not considered good enough. While the sitting cuddle position which is also known as the face-off sex position is somewhat difficult than that of the Sleeping cuddle sex.

So, here, you will see the steps to follow to enjoy the “sleeping cuddle sex” frontal.

  • At first, both the sex partners should lie on the naked, and lie on the bed.
  • The male partner should lie Foetus position, and the female partner should lie in front of him in exactly the same position.
  • The front of the female partner should be toward the front of the male partner. The body of the female partner should be touching the male partner in such a way that the vagina may easily get the penetration by the dick anytime.
  • Now, the male partner should start doing the foreplay. He should do the sexual foreplay by grabbing the boobs, smooching the lips, and grabbing the ass, and so on. Once the female partner gets ready for the fucking, the male partner should start doing the penetration through his dick into the vagina of the female.

OK, now you have the best info about some amazing and comfortable sex position to try. So, contact the best escort agencies in Dhubri, satisfy your lust, and get the pleasure.

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