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Oral And Anal Sex With Kokrajhar Escorts: Good Or Bad

Fucking the Kokrajhar escorts gives you the totally unique pleasure that you may hardly get elsewhere. Once you see those sexy girls your dick may surely be out of control soon, and you may want to fuck that soft vagina as much as you can in your bed. You may want to fuck them in different sex positions. And, you may also want to play various types of sexual activities with them. It’s obvious to have such feeling in your heart when you see such a beautiful young lady like that of how Kokrajhar call girls look like. There is nothing wrong with trying various types of sex, but, there have been controversies with some of the sexual activities. Some people favor those activities, while some others do not. Here, this blog is about Oral sex and Anal sex. Through this blog, you will come to know some positive and some negative aspects of both of these sexual activities. After that, It is up to you to decide whether to try them with escorts in Kokrajhar or not. Here, you will come to know why these sexual activities are that popular, and also, I will let you know what risks are involved with them.

Things You Must know

Well, before we proceed further, it is advised to you that if you want to do the anal sex or the oral sex it is better to make it confirm first with a call girl in Kokrajhar that you may have hired. Most of the escorts do not feel comfortable at all with the Anal sex, oral sex, or both. Also, in many countries, These sexual activities are considered as an unfair practice. One more thing that I need to let you know that most of you may have been believing that sexual activities like smooching and breast sucking are oral sex. But, actually, it is not so. Oral sex involves only those activities where either your mouth gets engaged with the vagina, in any sexual activity, or her mouth gets engaged with your penis, in any sexual activity.

Well, now it’s time to come to the point about which this blog is written.

Advantages Of Anal Sex

  • The most common benefit of having the anal sex with a hot Kokrajhar Call girl, or even with any other girls as well, is that there may never be the chance that she may ever get pregnant,
  • The other common benefit is that it is the fastest way to reach orgasm.
  • If you are the fucking the ass hole of a hot girl, it is sure that you will get much more than what you may get when fuking her vagina.
  • If you don’t have the condom, and neither your sex partner has, and nor she is ready to take the pills, then, the best option for you to enjoy the sex, is to try to fuck her ass hole.

Disadvantages Of Anal Sex

Though there are some advantages of Anal sex, it has some serious disadvantages as well, and that is why in most of the nations, it is considered as unfair sex practice, and even illegal sometimes. Some worst disadvantages are:-

  • Ass holes are not elastic in nature like that of the vagina, therefore, it is sure that the female partner may feel the more unbearable pain than what she may get when having the vaginal sex.
  • There is always an extremely high chance of sexually transmitted diseases with it.
  • It may cause the tearing of rectal tissue, and that may later turn into the serious infection.
  • Sometimes, it may also lead to anal cancer which is really very dangerous.
  • Also, It is next to impossible to do the screening of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It has also been found responsible for causing constipation also, in some women.

Considering these serious drawbacks of Anal sex, it is quite easy to understand why most of the escort agencies in Kokrajhar, or even anywhere else do not offer the Anal sex to any client, and nor any of their escorts do.

Advantages Of Oral Sex

If you know what the oral sex is, and if you have the hot Indian bhabhi, or any model or sexy Air Hostess in the bed, it is damn sure that you may never miss out on the chance of enjoying the Oral sex. But, before you proceed to do so, let’s have a look at some of its advantages so that you may enjoy it in a better way.

  • It makes your sleep more pleasureful.
  • It gives relaxation from various types of pains.
  • It works as an anti-aging medicine for females, and as per various beliefs, it may help them to remain younger for a comparatively longer time than that of average women of the same age.
Disadvantages Of Oral Sex
  • 1. There is not any way to get the protection against sexually transmitted diseases if you do the Oral sex. Therefore, there is a high risk of STDs.
  • 2. There is a very high risk of facing herpes.
  • 3. Also, there is a very high risk of facing the problem like gonorrhea that cause mainly because of doing sexual activities like blowjob and licking the vagina. When a woman gives the blowjob to an infected penis, she may face this disease for sure. Similarly, If the man licks any infected vagina with his mouth, he may surely get infected by such a disease.
  • 4. Things like blowjob may sometimes cause some serious infection to mouth and throat.

I have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of both types of sex. Now, it is up to you to decide whether to do it or not. But, if you do, make sure to hire the call girls from trustworthy Kokrajhar escort agencies.

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