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Nightlife Tourism In Majuli : Sexy Girls On The Bed

Majuli is one of the best tourist destinations in Assam. Here, you have so many things to do. This amazing place is full of heavenly natural beauty, attractive shopping places, and wonderful architectural beauty. But, above all, there is something that enhances the attraction of this amazing place to the next level. But, I am damn sure, you may not have tasted this beauty yet. Well, it’s very obvious to be so, because what I am talking about, is a hidden beauty. Yes, I am talking about the Nightlife in Majuli. If you ever get the chance to visit Majuli, you should never miss the chance of enjoying the hot girls for sex here. I bet that if you see those beautiful Majuli escorts once, you can never control the lusty emotions of your dick. Here, I am going to share with you how did I get my first nightlife experience there in Majuli.

How I Met The First Call Girl In Majuli

Truly saying, I did not contact any escort agencies in Majuli, and neither I was thinking of doing any such thing. I was in Majuli on my holiday trip on 23rd March 2013. I was on a two-week holiday trip, and it was just my third day. Me and one of my friends Rohan were in the club, and we were enjoying the moment. Everything was running smoothly, but then suddenly, the luck took the turn of 180 degrees. My boss called me on my number, and he was blaming me for mistakes in one of the projects of which I was a part. I was well aware that I had given my mistake in that project, and therefore, there may not be even a zero percent chance that I may be responsible for the issue. But, even then, I apologized for the mistake that I never did, and I asked him that I will get back to the office by tomorrow morning, and then I will keep my points. But, unexpectedly, my boss told me to leave the job, and never to visit the office again.

If you are a good employee who works hard, you may better understand how so worst insult it was for me. I was there in Majuli to enjoy some happy moments, but now it was the worst time of my life till then. Being tensed, I started consuming wine. Since I had taken too much wine, and therefore, I was almost out of my mind. However, my friend was there with me, but he was competing with me in consuming alcohol. Therefore, he was in the same condition as I was. Then, two hot and sexy girls named Deepa and Payal came to us, and we all four had some good moments of talk. I was talking to Deepa, and my friend was talking to Payal. I was so impressed with the way Deepa was talking, I could not resist her request to get to her home with her. Well, Till then, I was totally unaware that she was an escort, but the next morning I came to know her fact.

How Did I Intimate With Her

After I got to her home, we both had a good convo for the next few minutes, and then, she offered me a delicious dinner. After having dinner, I was about to leave her house, but since I was highly drunken, I was totally unable to do so. Watching this, Deepa requested me to stay at her home till I don’t feel fine. We both were in a separate room. It was perhaps 12 AM when I got up to go to the toilet. When I was getting back to my room, by mistake, I entered into the room of Deepa, There I saw sleeping naked on the bed. Well, I tried my best to get away from there asap, but the lusty beauty of her ass, her boobs, and her pink vagina did not allow me to do so. I don’t know why my legs were automatically stepping towards her automatically, and why my hands were started grabbing her big ass. She woke up suddenly then, and I was full of extreme fear. But, what happened next, I might never imagine.

Instead of being angry over me, she kept my hands on her buttock, and she started kissing me. Also, she started masturbating my dick with her soft hand. Now, I was sucking her boobs with my one lips, and one of my hands was pressing her boobs, while the other one was grabbing her ass. Till then, we both were totally driven into the lust. No, I was highly excited to fuck her soft pink vaginal hole, and therefore, We started the intercourse. I got real satisfaction that night, and it was the feeling that I may never describe in words. Well, it is obvious that even no one can control the sexual feeling after seeing the internal lusty beauty of such a hot young lady.

How Much It Cost Me

The next morning, we both woke up on the same bed, and I was feeling really very guilty of what I did. I offered her to I may marry her if she wishes too. Then, she made me relaxed making me realized that I did not make the mistake because she is an escort. Then, she told me if I want to marry her just because I did sex with her, then, I don’t need to do so. After hearing this, I asked her charge and paid her Rs 14000 for a night. Even, now, we are very good friends, and we talk over the phone every night.

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