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Enjoy These Three Sex Tricks With Morigaon Call Girls

Without any doubt, Morigaon escorts are extremely beautiful and look stunningly hot and sexy that every dick who knows about their beauty, wants to fuck them for at least once. If you are the one and planning to have the tour in Assam therefore, then, I have a special gift for you. Today, in this blog, I will tell you some really exciting sex tricks that you must try with sexy Morigaon Call girls. I bet, you will surely start loving it once you tried it. You may have heard of numerous sex positions. Definitely, you can’t try all those sex positions even in your entire life. But, you may surely enjoy some best of them with hot and sexy escorts in Morigaon. Here I am suggesting you the best three. Here, you will come to know how to perform these sex positions quite comfortably, and the benefits you get from it.

So, Let’s have a look


This sex position is one of the simplest sex positions, and, in fact, anyone can do it. But, if it is that much simple then it does not mean that here you get any less amount of pleasure. The sexual satisfaction that you get in this position is so much pleasing that no one can ever imagine. Actually, Sex experts have developed this sex trick for those who can’t bear that much force and stress during the sex, and those who want to keep things simple and risk-free during the sex.

Now, see, how to do it

  • First of all, both sex partners should be fully nude.
  • After that, let her lie on the bed, on her back.
  • Now, ask her to lift up both legs. Once she does, put a pillow below her waist so as to make her vagina easily accessible to your dick.
  • Hold her legs with your hands, so that she may not feel the pain. It’s good if you can keep her legs on your shoulder.
  • Now, adjust your dick at the door of his vagina, insert your dick into her vagina, and enjoy fucking her soft pink pussy.

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CowGirl Helper

Just like that of the G-Whiz, this CowGirl Helper is also very easy to do sex position. Even, it is more comfortable than that of G-whiz. Here both the partners feel complete comforts during the sex. It is one of such sex position where the female partner dominates during the sex, instead of the male partner. Therefore, If you love sex where you can dominate the girl, then, it is not for you. But, believe me, if you let her dominate you in the sex position at least once during the sex, you will start loving it from the time right then.

See, the steps to follow for this sex position

  • Remove your dress completely, and ask the sexy girl to do the same.
  • Now, lie down on the bed, on your back.
  • Fold your both knees such that your sole should be touching the bed.
  • Now, ask her to sit on your dick in such a way that her vagina should be about the accept your dick, and her left leg should be on your left-hand side, and her right leg, should be on your right-hand side.
  • Now, you can either lift up your hands so that she may take the support of your hands to do the jumping for fucking, or you can simply allow her to bend a bit so that she may take the support of your shoulders to start jumping up and down, for the fucking.

Stand And Carry

However, it is one of the leading sex positions that give you incomparable sexual satisfaction, but it is not that much easy too. This sex position needs that you should have enough stamina, power, and ability to bear a little pain as well. It also needs that you should have complete knowledge of it. If you make the mistake, it is damn sure that your sexual pleasure with the young lady will only end up with immense pain on your Testicles. But, if you can do it correctly, it is sure then, that you may enjoy the amazing sex experience that you may never have with other positions.

Well, now, let’s see how to enjoy this

It is quite easy to apply to this sex position. Just follow these simple rules, and you are done.

  • First of all, both sex partners should be fully naked.
  • Now, both of you should take the position of the face-off sex.
  • Ensure that her vagina should be taking your dick.
  • Once, you are ensured, lock your hands on her ass in such a way that your hands should be holding the sexy ass of that sexy girl.
  • Now, ask her to lock her legs tightly behind your back, and to lock her hands behind your neck so that even if you stand up, she may not fall down.
  • Once you both have taken the position, stand up.
  • Remember that your left palm should be lifting her right ass, and your right palm should be lifting her left ass.
  • Now, start making her jump on your dick, with the support of your hands holding her hips.

In this sex position, the whole bodyweight of the girl falls on you. Also, your tentacles face immense pressure. Therefore, you should try it only if you have enough efficiency. But, If you can do it with the hot and sexy call girls in Morigaon, you will surely love doing it whenever you will be enjoying the sex.

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