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Birth Control Pills Vs Condoms: Which One Is Best With Sonitpur Escorts

If you are about to have some erotic time with Sonitpur escorts, you must make sure to take some required precautions otherwise you may face some serious issues anytime. One of such precautions that you must take while having the sex with Sonitpur Call girls, is to use either of Birth control pills and the condoms. But, a question that may come to most of you, maybe that which one is comparatively more preferable between a condom and a Birth control pills. So, here, I am comparing both of them in this blog. It will help you in deciding which one you should use during sex.

Let’s have a look,

Advantages Of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are medicinal tablets or capsules that a female takes to prevent pregnancy. Most of the pills can work well only if the female takes it within 72 hours of the pregnancy. These pills are very effective if you are having sex with the sexy girl, but you want to get her pregnant. Some of the amazing benefits that birth control pills users can get are:-

  • The most common benefit of such pills is that they manage the menstrual period, and help in decreasing the menstrual cramps as well.
  • It reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.
  • It reduces the chance of uterus cancer as well.
  • Also, It prevents you from the probability of anemia.
  • It provides better treatment against acne and PCOs.
  • It never affects the enjoyment of sex.
  • These pills lower the chance of facing fibroids, and non-cancerous breast diseases.
  • Also, the use gets protection from pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Disadvantages Of These PIlls

Birth control pills are basically medicine and just like most other medicinal tablets, it also has some side effects that a user may face. These side effects may occur either due to the excess usage of these pills or due to the usage of pills of duplicate qualities or low qualities. So, if you are having the sex with any call girls in Sonitpur, make sure to give her the pills of good quality.

Some Common Disadvantages Are

  • Headaches, Nausea, Breast Tenderness, and Mood swings.
  • These pills may increase the blood pressure level, and that you get extremely serious sometimes.
  • It does not protect users from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It is very common to face breakthrough bleeding, and Spotting, in the first few months of usage of these pills.
  • It increases the risk of blood clots and breast cancer.
  • Most of such pills work well only if taken within 72 hours after having sex.

Advantages Of Condoms

Condoms are also used to stop the possible pregnancy, but their method to work quite differs from how the birth control pills work. The major difference is that the condoms should be used before and during the sex, but the pills should be used after the sex, and that too within 72 hours. In simple terms, if you wear the condom after having sex, it will of no use then, and similarly, if you take the pills before the sex, then those pills will be of no use at all.

Condoms have some amazing advantages. That is why it is recommended to use the condom whenever having sex with any young lady. Some of the common advantages are:-

  • It prevents females from the chances of being pregnant after sex.
  • It gives protection from the various sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.
  • Either of the two partners may use the condom to avoid the pregnancy. If the female partner does not want to get pregnant, she may use the female condom, and if the male partner does not want to make the female pregnant, he may use the male condom.
  • Condoms come in various flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, bacon, and so on. Using these varieties of condoms during sex with escorts in Sonitpur may take the pleasure of intimacy to the next level.
  • It may not harm you internally the way Birth control pills do. It is made for external use only.
Disadvantages Of Condoms

However, there are lots of amazing benefits of condoms, but it is just the one face of the coin and on the other face, you may face some disadvances too when using the condoms. What troubles the user may face, depends on what type of condoms is being used during the intercourse. Male condoms may have different disadvantages than that of female condoms.

Disadvantages of male condoms
  • During sex with a hot girl, the man should ensure to use the condom of perfect size. If the wrong size of the condom is used, the condom may either break or slip off during the sex, and therefore, can’t provide the desired protection then.
  • It reduces the pleasure of sex somewhat.
  • If a man does not always keep his erection during sex, he may find it difficult to use the condom.
  • After having sex, it is required to pull out the condom before the penis goes soft, otherwise, it may be somewhat difficult to remove it.
  • If the person is allergic to latex, then, he may face problems like skin rashes, itching, and so on in the penis.
  • Access usage of condoms may also affect the vagina of the female as well.
Disadvantages of female condoms
  • Sometimes these condoms may cause irritating noise during the sex.
  • If the female is using the condom for the first time, she may find it a bit difficult to insert it in her vagina.
  • Poor quality condoms may harm her skin.

If you choose the best and trustworthy Sonitpur escort service providers, they may provide you the best condoms for having sex. But, before choosing the girl for sex, you must be ensured about the protection that the company may have been providing.

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