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Enjoy These Three Kamasutra Games With South Salmara Mankachar

If you are in South Salmara Mankachar on a holiday tour, it is damn sure that you are there to have some joyful moment and to get relaxed from the various worries of life. Therefore, here, I am to let you know about some of the best ways to make you heartily satisfied and pleased. What I am talking about in this blog is totally incomparable with other modes of entertainment.
Yes, I am talking about some most erotic Kamasutra games that you must try here in South Salmara Mankachar.

Playing these amazing games with hot and sexy South Salmara Mankachar call girls gives you more than wow feeling. Some best and trustworthy escort agencies in South Salmara Mankachar may help you in playing those hot games.

Let’s see some of those amazingly erotic games that you should never miss out.

Sex Games To Play In South Salmara Mankachar

The Armchair Traveller

It is one of the best styles of doing sex, that no one can ever describe in words. Once you do this sex, it is sure that you will get guaranteed satisfaction, and your heart will be full of joy. The pleasure that you get when your hard dick hits her soft pink cunt from the back, and when your thighs hit her soft hips from the back, give you the wow feeling. You reach to the seventh heaven of pleasure when she moans like ahahahah and ohohohohoh every time your dick goes inside and comes outside her soft pink cunt.

How To Play This Game

It is quite easy to play this game, let’s play it this way with the hot call girls in South Salmara Mankachar

First of all, be naked yourself, and also make the South Salmara Mankachar escort fully naked. Then, if possible, ask her to give you some blowjob, and when she will be doing it, you have to grab her ass and suck her nipples. Blowjob is not mandatory, however, and therefore, if the sexy girl does not get ready for it, you don’t need to force her for the same. But, in order to make the game more interesting, it is mandatory to have some foreplay, and for this, you may try some safe ways such as kissing her neck, smooching her, Sucking her boobs and so on. Well, after all these side activities, now it is time to get back to the main part of the game. After the foreplay, both of you will be highly excited to have some fuck. Ask the young lady to bend on the table or on anything in such a way that her head should be 90 degrees from the toe. Actually this perpendicular position is known as the armchair position.

Once she gets the position, rub her cunt for a while, and press her boobs simultaneously. Soon, you will see her making her moaning her with melodious sound ahahaha hohohoh. This erotic sound will make your dick excited for sure. Now, keep your dick on the door of her vagina, keep your hands on her boobs, and start forcing your dick into her soft pink vagina, from the behind. Soon, you will get your dick inserted into her vaginal hole. Now, start doing your dick in and out, and enjoy the intercourse.

The Steam Room

Just like that of the previous one, it is also one of the most erotic and easy methods of sex to try if you have girls for sex. In this sex position, first of all, both sex partners should be fully nude. Then, the female partner should be standing before the male partner in such a position that her legs should be touching the legs of the male partner, her hips should be touching the thighs of her male sex partner, but her portion above her waist should not be touching the male partner in any manner. To maintain the position, the female partner may take the support of any wall or anything similar. Once both the partner gets the position required, the male partner should start grabbing the boobs of the female partner with both hands. Then, after some time, one of his hands should be rubbing the pubic and the cunt of the female softly so as to make her moan loudly. Once she gets started moaning making the erotic sound, the male should adjust his dick at the opening of her vaginal hole, and then he should try to insert the dick into her vagina. Once the male gets to succeed, he should start fucking the young girl. It is one of the amazing and best ways to get erotic and lusty satisfaction.

Super Charged Spread

It is a bit difficult sex position to try, however, but believe me, it gives you wonderful experience, and you will surely start loving it if once tried. In this sex position, once both the sex partners get naked, the female partner should lie on the bed, and she should lift her legs up from her waist in such a way that her legs should be perpendicular to her rest of body parts above the waist. The male partner should help the female partner in getting the position. Also, keep in mind that the female partner should take this position on the edge of the bed or table of such a height that if the male partner stands before the hips, his dick should be in the same line in which the vagina of the female partner should be.
Once the female partner gets the position, the male partner should be standing before the female vaginal hole. He should hold her legs with his hands, and then, he should start the copulation.

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