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Fuck The Banka Escort In Sticky Scissor Sex Position:

I have seen so many hot and sexy escorts yet, and have a good time with those sex beauties on the bed. But, as per my observation, I can bet that among all those girls for sex,  Banka escorts have the most sex and hot figure, and they can give you the maximum sexual satisfaction in the bed. Fucking such beautiful and hot Banka call girls will surely make your dick satisfied, however, but if you want to take the pleasure to the next level, you must try the Sticky Scissor sex position. It’s a guarantee you and your sex partner both will love this sex position. To get the complete pleasure of sex and intimacy, you must be aware of various styles of doing sex. Those styles of doing sex are called sex positions, and one best out of them is Sticky Scissor. Therefore, here I am to let you know how to enjoy this sex position perfectly with hot and sexy Banka Escorts girls in your bed.

Let’s have a look,

Steps Need To Follow To Enjoy Sticky Scissor Sex Position

  • First of all, do some sex talks so as to make the hot Banka Escorts girl intimated somewhat to start the sex.
  • After that, get yourself naked, and remove the dress of your sex partner as well to make her nude too.
  • Then, ask her to lie by side on the bed, and you should lie behind her in such a way that your frontal body should be facing the front of the young lady.
  • Now, your upper leg should be wrapped over the upper leg of the sexy Banka Call girls like a coil.
  • Your lower leg should be above her lower leg and should be straight parallel to the lower leg.
  • Your thighs should be touching her soft round ass, and your dick should be on the way to her vagina so that you may start penetrating her vagina anytime without any trouble.
  • Now, your lower hand should be on her pubic, and you should be titillating her pubic and vagina during sexual activities.
  • Your upper hand should be grabbing her boobs.
  • Once you applied steps 7 and 8, after sometimes, you may find her started moaning and making the erotic sounds that may sound something like ahahahah ohohohhoh. Such sounds will make your dick excited enough to start penetrating her vaginal hole.
  • Your dick will start losing the self-control after that, and now you are ready to fuck her.
  • Set your dick at the door of her vagina, and give some gentle lust push so as the get your dick inside her soft pink vagina. It may take 3 to 4 attempts to get it done.
  • Now, once your dick is inside her vagina, start fucking her, and enjoy the amazing sexual satisfaction.
  • Remember to keep pressing her boobs, and the nipples during the copulation.

Well, you should take care of some basic things when trying this sex position.

Things To Take Care When Trying This Sex Position

When you coil your upper leg over her upper leg, and if it is done in a wrong way, it may hurt her somehow, and especially her elbow. So, you must take care to do it softly so that she may not get hurt in any manner. The skinny girls may not be perfect for this sex position, and therefore it’s better to avoid trying this sex position with them.


If you take the proper precautions, hire the call girls in Banka from a reputed Banka escort agency, none other sex position may be as pleasureful as this sex position is.

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