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Enjoy The Sex Adventure “Yourself on the Shelf” with Kaimur Call Girls

I love doing sex with hot and sexy girls, and always try to taste some new positions of sex whenever I get a chance. Last week, I have visited Kaimur. It is really a very beautiful city, however, But what makes this city more beautiful is the nightlife here and the hot and sexy escorts in Kaimur. Recently, when I was there, I hired a hot and sexy Kaimur escorts there from one of the best escort agencies in Kaimur. She advised me to try the sex position Yourself on the self. As I loved trying something new in the sex every time, therefore, I followed the same what she said. Steps were quite easy and truly saying, I have never experienced such amazing sex positions earlier. It was a totally new experience, however, but a true sexual satisfaction as well. Here, I am going to let you know about the steps you will need to follow to enjoy the sex position Yourself on the self.

Let's have a look,

The Complete Procedure To Do The Sex In This Position

  • In this sex position, first of all, you should put your dress off, and, you should also remove the dress of the Kaimur call girl.
  • Now, both of you are naked, and after having a little sex chat, you should start doing the foreplay so as to make her warmed enough to get ready for the intercourse. During the foreplay, you may do things like smooching, boobs sucking, blowjob, and so on.
  • Once the foreplay with the hot and sexy Kaimur Escorts girl gets warmed enough to have the sex, you may start taking the required position.
  • The Girl should be hanging over the male partner by wrapping her hands around the neck of the male partner.
  • To support the girl in maintaining the required sex position, you may hold her heels, with your hands.
  • After taking this sex position, you may her body weight on your shoulder, and on your tights. Your thighs will be pressing her hips, and, it will give you the lustful pleasure for sure. Your check will be pressing her soft boobs, and your dick will be standing tight, and on the way to her vaginal hole so that you may start doing the sexual penetration anytime, without having any trouble.
  • Well, now, you don't need to do anything from your end except keep support her in maintaining the sex position. You just have to help her in adjusting your dick at the door of her cunt, and once it's done, the Kaimur Call Girls will start forcing her vaginal toward your dick in order to take your dick inside the vaginal hole.
  • Once she gets your dick inserted into her vaginal hole fully, she should start jumping her hips in To-And-Fro motion.
  • Enjoy the fucking.


It is a very pleasureful sex position, however, the only difficulty with this sex position is that you must be strong enough in holding her in that sex position. Also, you should have high-level stamina so as to get the copulation in this amazing sex position.

So, hurry up, find the best escort agency in Kaimur, and select the hold and sexy Kaimur call girl to enjoy the innovative and the most erotic sex position.

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