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Ponda Escorts Teaches Top Intercourse Positions You Like the Most

Many people do no longer realize a suitable way to deal with the female body while it comes to do sex and fun. Maximum men best consider themselves and do not take care of the satisfaction of their partner. Or perhaps they do not be aware of the high-quality positions that work wonder for the joy with beautiful lady partners. Fortuitously, they do not fear an excellent deal longer because Ponda escorts, bringing to you the pinnacle sex positions both of you like the most. These positions have been compiled after an intensive practice of Ponda escorts hot girls. The following are the positions that lead both wild.


missionary permit begins with the basics first. The missionary function has lengthy been considered dull and drab through members of each gender. This is due to the fact these human beings were not conscious of a touch hack that can want to increase their pleasure degrees skywards. The pleasant way to revel in the missionary play is to have a pillow underneath the girl’s hips so that they are quite improved. Do that out, and thank Ponda Call girls later.


This feature is among the most pleasurable for couples. It essentially requires both the person to lay down sideways, penetrating her from behind. In this way, people can make sure that she enjoys each inch of cock, giving her the closing pleasure.

Dog style:

Some research recommends that this is the satisfactory function to reap a woman’s G-spot – the holy grail of all satisfaction factors! In this position, you need to entirety adjust each of your bodies. If each of you is on the bed, then utilize the pillows to advantage appropriate height. Further, if your bed is excessive enough, then you could stand on the floor and do the needful. At the same time, your accomplice needs to incline on the bed.


That is said to the very last position for ladies about getting the most pleasure. Make sure your partner correctly positioned, and her weight is moreover balanced flawlessly on your hips. Also, be careful to thrust precisely in any other case you may risk injuring everyone and your partner. In case you do it effectively, then it will experience your partner deriving an excellent thrill of delight. You can also use your palms even as you are concurrently thrusting.

Reverse cowgirl:

That is, moreover, seem like a companion position to the cowgirls. Instead of going through away from you like the cowgirl position, the woman will face you in this position. This offers an excellent non-stop foreplay even as you are engaged in fantasy. You may finger, kiss, caress, or even stare into every different way if that enables. Supposedly, if you stimulate your Ponda hot girl’s clitoris while simultaneously penetrating her, there may be nothing other thrilling fun in the ways of sex.

Back position:

Some other positions the region not handiest the women. However, additionally, men can derive superb portions of pride. A finished bone is when a girl first lies face down, and a man saddles it and simultaneously penetrates her from behind. The women go loopy if this one complete nicely. Keep on straddling and thrusting as lots as you like. She will be able to continuously be thankful to you for the loopy quantity of satisfaction you give her.

Standing missionary:

that is a complicated position, and no longer each person can try this role. If you are and your companion is not of equal height, then this feature may be not easy to execute, but it is far nevertheless enjoyable. You may deliver your Ponda hot call girl a very severe orgasm in case you do it correctly. You and your companion stand and face each other, then you hold one her legs and then penetrate her at the same time as status. You can kiss at the same time as doing it, and it will turn into one of the maximum super pleasure the two of you will get collectively.

Girl on top at the same time as the standing lady on top while the status that is a variation of the previous position itself. This feature allows you to flex your energy and thrust as hard as you and your female-like. It goes except saying that you may kiss each other while you are doing it. It’s miles alternatively interesting for each of you.

The ’x’ position:

that is additionally one of the sounds, but stimulating situations and not everybody will be in a role to do it. It requires you and your partner to take a seat down, going via each specific together with your legs open. The lady then virtually straddles the person, and the person thrusts through manner of lifting her weight on his biceps and only swinging forwards. It is miles, especially satisfaction for both men and women. All the above referred to positions are encouraged with the resource of the excellent escorts in Ponda. Do try them along with your Ponda hot girls, and do not forget to take matters step by step as they come.

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