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Lazy Dog Sex Position Vs The Down But Not Out: Which One Is Best With Kaithal Escorts

When you search the best sex position to try with your sex partner or the call girls, you may find so many. It is good to have so many options, however, but the only problem you may have at the time when you get the two almost the same type of sex position, and you are confused between those two that what to choose, and what to avoid.

If you love trying various sex positions, and you are not the type of person who does the monotonous and boring style of sex, then, you may be well familiar that how so obvious such a problem is. There are a lot more such sex positions that look almost the same, and therefore, I am here to clear your doubt on some of such sex positions, and also, I will tell you which sex position should be better for you to try with the Kaithal escort. Here, in this blog, I will differentiate between the Lazy dog sex position, and “The Down but not Out” sex position. There is no doubt that they both give the same type of pleasure, and that is because they both are almost the same. But, even then, there are some major differences between those two. Let’s see what.

Lazy Dog Sex

In This Position, the young girl should be fully naked, and after the foreplay, she should be lying in the bed on her stomach. Remember that, the better you do the foreplay, the better she will get excited to take your dick into the vaginal hole, and the greater she will cooperate with you during the sex. For the better foreplay experience, you may do things like kissing her lips, kissing her neck, licking her vagina, and asking her to give you the hot and blowjob. Once the blowjob gets over you both will be warmed enough, and mentally prepared for enjoying the intercourse. Now, put a pillow below her waist. The main purpose of adjusting the pillow below the waist of the hot girl is to provide better sexual pleasure and satisfaction .

Once you get it, get her ready in that sex position, and also ready to fuck, you should lie over her in the same position in which she will be at that time. The only difference that you should maintain that your body part above the waist must not be touching the body of the girl for sex and the body parts below the waist should be touching her body. Take your position, set your thighs over her hips in such a style that your dick should be on the way to get the entry to her vaginal hole. Once you have got the position, you should start making the attempts to put your penis into her soft pink vaginal whole. Once the vagina of the Kaithal call girl recieve the penis, you should start enjoying the Intercourse. Her melodious lusty moans add the additional flavor in your sexual pleasure.

The down But Not Out

It is almost the same as that of the lazy dog style of sex, but a more comfortable than that as well. The two only difference you may find neither you need to put any pillow below her waist. And nor you will need to main your body above the waist, a slightly above the back of the female.


I have discussed both of them quite clearly, and it is up to you to decide what to try first, and what to try after that.

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