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Best Oral Sex Positions To Try With Karur Escort

If you know what the oral sex is, then this blog is a bonus for you, and guiding you with some amazing tips to enjoy your oral sex with Karur escorts in a much better way. But, If you don’t know what oral sex is, you are surely not updated with the society you are living in. Then also, this blog is for you taking you to the new world sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you may never have imagined ever before. Here, you will come to know how so joyful it is actually to have an oral sex experience with the hot and sexy call girl in Karur.

Here, I am suggesting you some amazingly pleasureful positions that you take your sexual arousal to the next level, and at last, you may enjoy fucking those sexy girls in a better way. I am well confirmed that you and your sex partner will like these positions for sure.

Some Best Oral Sex Positions

69 Sex Position

When talking about oral sex, only a fool can miss out on the 69 positions, and I am not that one. It is one of the best, popular, and highly erotic oral sex positions. If you have the hot girl for sex, then, you must try to get her ready to do sex with you in this position. And, believe me, if you gave you the chance, you will get out of the box pleasure, and the lustful satisfaction will be limitless. To get into the perfect position so that you may enjoy the 69 sex position in a better way, you must follow these steps very carefully, and without making any mistake.

  • The first thing to remember is that you both should be naked before getting into this position.
  • After that, the sexy girl should lie by side in such a way that her face should be facing the dick of the male partner, and her upper leg should be on the male partner. And, the male partner should be lying in the position so that his face should be facing the cunt of the hot Karur escort.
  • Now, it’s time to start the main part. The young lady should masturbate the dick of the male partner for a while till it does not get tighten, and once it does, she should take that into her mouth, and should start giving him the sexy blowjob as better as she can.
  • When the escort will be doing her job, the male partner should keep licking her cunt.
  • This sex position ends when both the sex partners feel they are about to cum.

The Butterball

It is also one of the best oral sex positions that you must try if you get the chance. See the steps you need to follow to enjoy it.

  • Both the sex partner should be naked at first.
  • 2. After that, the girl should lie on the bed, on her back.
  • Then, she should fold her legs in such a way that both of her knees should be touching her breast. This position will give a good elevation to her vagina.
  • Now, the male partner should lie below the female partner in such a way that his mouth should be on her cunt, and he should start licking her cunt.

So, without wasting your time anymore, you should hire the best sexy girl from the best escort agency in Karur so that you may get the high-level pleasure of this oral sex.

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