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A Night With High Profile Theni Escort : Lust And Love

Here, I am going to tell you how my experience was with a high profile Theni escort, and how I did enjoy it. A few months back, I was in Theni for some office work. I was there for 10 days almost. One night, when I got back to the hotel room after the office, my mood was very upset. Actually, I was in the deep desire of having sex. I tried to control myself by masturbating, but that also did not work for me, the Situation was totally out of my control. And, therefore, I decided to hire an escort in Theni for that night. For This, I contacted one of the best escort agencies in Theni about which I have heard from some of my friends many times.

. I contact there and asked to provide me the beautiful escort. They suggested to me that they could only provide me some high profile Theni call girls if I can afford their cost because all other escorts were already busy somewhere. I replied yes, and we finalize the deal at 60K for a night. I know, it was a very big amount, but at that time, I was totally feeling helpless. Well, I asked them that I don’t have the time to see the photos even, and therefore, they should deliver the most beautiful girl directly to me, and I will make the payment after watching the girl. They promised me to provide the girl that I may have never imagined, and after an hour my room bell rang. I opened the door and was surprised to see my favorite TV serial actress at the door.

Theni escort agency for providing me such a beautiful and sexy night

Let me tell you that I am really a big fan of her. She is a big name in the television industry. I was feeling very lucky even by seeing her. At first, I thought, she was there by mistake and asked her to help her in finding the right room. She said that she is in the right room, and asked if my name is Rohan Shaini. I replied in yes, and she confirmed that she is in the right room where she should be. After knowing this my happiness was in the seventh heaven because I was just looking for a hot girl for sex, and I was in doubt if I have invested my 60K. But, knowing that I was about to enjoy the sex with one of the most beautiful TV serial actresses and that too my favorite one, I felt that I put my money in the right place.

You can imagine how good it may feel when you have your favorite actress for sex with you. I somehow controlled my dick so that I may make that night memorable one. After that, we enjoyed some drinks and had some talks. Once we finished the drinks, I could not control myself anymore and gave her the tight smooch on her sexy lips. I was grabbing her ass with my hands, and believe me how good I was feeling that time, there is no way to explain it. When I was sucking her boobs, she got out of control and started moaning loudly. Hearing that, my dick loosed its patience, and I put her down that young lady in the bed. Then, I set my penis at the door of her soft pink vagina and started fucking her. I fucked her for the full night in various positions and the only sound that was vibrating in the room at that time as Pachhh Pachhh Chappp Chappp sounds of fucking, and along with that sound, her sweet moans of ahhh ahhh ohhh ohhh was adding the new erotic fragrance.

I thank that Theni escort agency for providing me such a beautiful and sexy night.

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