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How To Start The Sex With The Thanjavur Call Girls

There is no doubt that Thanjavur Call Girls can satisfy your lust in the bed. But, you can get the best pleasure only if you know well how to start sex with those sexy girls. Therefore, here I am to guide you on how to do it. Before that, I must make it very clear to sex is not all about fucking the pink cunt, but it is even much more than that. And, here I am to guide you on various steps and precautions that you should take to enjoy the better sex with hot and sexy Thanjavur escorts.

Various Parts Of Sex Are

  • Making the young lady comfortable is the very first step of having sex. If you have the girl for sex, you should not start doing the sex all of a sudden. But, rather than this, you should make her comfortable enough first.
  • Once the young lady gets comfortable with you, you should start talking lustily with her, and along with it, you should also enjoy the foreplay. It makes her excited about having sex with you. The main purpose of doing the foreplay with the sexy girl is to make her warm enough to take your dick into her soft pink vagina.
  • Once the call girl gets ready to have intercourse, the next move should be to enjoy the fucking.

OK, now see how to do the foreplay.

Steps To Do The Foreplay

To better enjoy the foreplay you should first do the psychological foreplay, and after that, you should proceed towards the physical foreplay. Psychological foreplay is totally different than that of the physical foreplay. In psychological foreplay, you should make the girl excited for the sex even without touching her. You just have to talk lustily to make her excited for the sex. On the other hand, the female partner should try to attract the male partner through her sexy expressions, and activities.

After the psychological foreplay, you should move towards the physical foreplay. Let’s see how to do physical foreplay.

  • First of all, you should give her the best and sexy smooch.
  • After that, you should start removing her dress, and also, you should make yourself naked.
  • After she gets naked, you should start grabbing her big round soft boobs with your one hand, and your other hand should be grabbing her soft round big buttocks.
  • In the next move, you should start sucking her nipples, and after a while, you may feel that she will be getting excited, and her boobs will start getting tighten. The sound that she will make during the time when you will be sucking her nipples, will make you excited to the next level of erotic.
  • Now, you should start titillating her pubic and enjoy her sweet moans.
  • After that, you should lick her vagina. It is an amazing feeling that you can feel only if you have done it.
  • From steps 1 to 6 whatever you did, was just to make the young lady excited for the sex. But, after that, you should ask her to give you the blow job. When she will take your penis into her mouth, you will feel really very satisfied. Now, you should start doing the copulation.

Now, you know very well how to better enjoy sex. So, find the best call girl of Thanjavur with the help of any trustworthy escort agency in Thanjavur, and get sexual satisfaction.

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