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The Complete Comparision Between Doggy Sex Position & The LeapFrog Sex Position: Bomdila escorts

At present, we have so many sex positions to try with our sex partner, and furthermore, we are developing some new sex positions as well. All these sex positions if you try with a sexy girl, give you immense pleasure, and complete satisfaction with your dick. But, when it comes to doing the sex with a sexy escort, you are always bounded by the time, and therefore, you can’t try all those sex positions because you are bounded by the time limitation. And, things maybe even more confusing for you if you have paid for just one shot. During my Bomdila trip, I faced the same situation when I was having sex with the Bomdila call girls.

I was confused about whether to choose the Doggy style or to try the leapfrog style to fuck her. But, latter I shorted this problem out. And, here I am presenting some advantages and disadvantages of both of these methods of sex so that you may make your decision quite easily. Both these two methods of doing the sex look almost similar, however, but they both have some basic differences in their style of execution. You can choose one according to your comfort, and your partner’s comfort. Also, this blog will let you know the proper steps do to both of these styles of sex.

Let’s have look.

In this sex position, the female partner lies in the standing C shape in such a way that her body from her shoulder to her waist should not touch the ground. It gives the perfect height and the elevation to her vagina to that your dick of the male partner may fuck the vagina quite easily. The male partner fucks the female partner from behind. You must try this method of sex once if you ever find girls for sex.

  • Your dick may enjoy the sufficiently deep penetration into her vagina.
  • If either you or your partner, or both of you feel somehow shy during the sex, and don’t want to look into the eyes of your partner, then this sex position is a gift for you.
  • If you are fucking the young lady, you may want to maintain the sex rhythm for a long time so as to get more lust satisfaction. With this style of sex, you may do so quite easily.
  • You can also see in the mirror that how your dick is fucking her vaginal hole. It gives you some more lust satisfaction.
  • In this method, none of the partners put that much force over the other.
  • It is a bit adventurous, but safe enough too. Therefore, if you like the adventure during the sex, then, it is for you.
  • It is the sex position that may be very hard for some young girls to maintain for a longer period. So, you can’t confirm how much time you may get to cum inside her cunt in that position.
  • This sex position puts heavy pressure on both of you, and that may result in knee pain for male and female partners, and the wrist pain for the female partner.
Leap Frog Style

This sex position looks very similar to the Doggy Style but has some very common differences. The position of the male partner remains the same, while the position of the female partner in this method of sex, is slightly more comfortable than that she takes during the doggy style fucking.


  • In comparison to the doggy style of fucking, it is slightly more comfortable, however, but gives the same pleasure.
  • It gives you the pleasure of deep penetration just like that of the Doggy style.
  • The male partner may lie his waist somehow over the female, and it gives him some comfortability during the sex. While in the doggy style, it all depends on his stamina that how long he can remain stand in that position.
  • Since in comparison to the doggy style, it gives more comfortability to the female partner, therefore, she can maintain her position for a comparatively longer time. It means you get more time to cum inside her,


  • Being in that position for a long time may take her to the waist pain.
  • This position puts pressure on the stomach and the breast of the female, and that may take her to pain later.
  • For the male partner, the position of sex remains the same, and that led to knee pain if he is not strong enough to hold himself in that position until he does not cum.
  • It does not have the adventurousness that you may get when doing sex in the doggy style. So, if you love a little adventure during sex, this position may disappoint you somehow.

Now, I have mentioned both of these sex styles, and also, what advantages or disadvantages you may get with both of them. Now, as per your comforts, stamina, and the concept of intercourse, you may easily decide the best sex position to try.

But, as far as my opinion is concerned, I prefer the LeapFrog method more over the Doggy style, because, I believe you can enjoy the sexy completely only if your female partner feels comfortable enough during the sex. If she feels comfortable, she will excite you during the sex, and it may give you more power to fuck her. She may do things like moaning to make you warmer to fuck her cunt with some more force. It gives you more satisfaction.`

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